What do you feel about Asana Yoga Center?

Warmth, love and peace

At Asana Yoga Center, I am treated with warmth, love and peace.

By: Lella

Wonderful teachers

Josef is a wonderful teacher who understands his students and gives everyone the feeling that everyone can yoga! He is both educational and fun, after all the lessons you feel inspired, warm and calm the body. I can only rekommend Asana Yoga Center!
By: Anja

Professional development and teaching

With a professional guide teach each student to ashtanga yoga in its pace, without pressure and reproach.The atmosphere is varm and Josef is an inspiration to want to learn more.I have never been a better yoga training over here!
By: Mikaela

Fantastic teaching

Josef Abadi at Asana Yoga Center is an incredibly inspiring yogateachers, with much knowledge and experience that he share in a playful way. He really lives what he teaches. I have taken part in Josef’s class in 5 years now, both Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha yoga, and I can really recommend to train with him.

By: Henrik

Very good!

I think it is very good at Asana Yoga Center. You become gracious welcome, and there is a high class of education. I think it may be too large classes, and it feels like to be lost in the crowd sometimes.But the help I have always been able to get anyway. Very fun and funny
moments we have had thanks to you, Josef.
By: Kajsa


Asana Yoga Center is truly a wonderful place. Shame I live so far away
now (60 mil …) otherwise I would definitely continue!
By: Elin

Clearly recommended to all

It was my first meeting with yoga 1.5 years ago at Asana Yoga Center. Now have been 4 courses there and will continue because it gives me so much energy and general good feeling in your body and soul. Good that you can test drive free of charge 1-2 times!
By: Slava


It feels great to get to the Asana Yoga Center. Josef exudes friendliness, calmness and professionalism – you feel well looked after. The class is always matched by participants’ ability and Joseph walk around and see that all is right. In addition, it always brings something spiritual for the soul, so when you go from there, you feel more beautiful and happier than when you arrived!
By: Iris

Josef is a true joy spreader!

With humor, literacy, and love takes Josef participants through healing gear warrant that you never thought possible to meet.
By: Anonymous

Perfect for me!

After trying yoga in Josef, I have realized that there is so much more about yoga than what can be experienced at a gym.His way of teaching goes far beyond the physical exercise. Something for both body and soul, which has helped me a lot in my quest for balance in life.Thanks Joseph!
By: Jessica

Too few classes

Josef is an inspiring teacher / master and provides a kick for both soul and body. I would like to have more classes in Ashtanga Yoga!
By: Heike

Best yoga in town

I am very pleased with you at Asana.The problem for me is that I sometimes work at night and do not always have time to train as much as I would like. Thinking of attending a game after Christmas again.
By: Inkeri


Asana Yoga Center is characterized by a soft atmosphere, peace and security, just a shame that there are so many students, difficult to obtain personal contact with Joseph.The philosophy is absolutely right for me, and Josef is a highly skilled instructor.
By: Ulla Olofsson

Very good!

I think it’s very good leaders and staff: very good educational, professional and loving. I and my husband has had problems with time and therefore did not continue training. The premises are also good, and on-dress / toilet / shower all right. We recommend you
often to others who want to start with yoga!
By: Ann

Wonderful yoga experience

I have practiced yoga at Asana Yoga Center for many years and I always think that you get a warm welcome every time you get there!
It is suitable for all ages and levels, and the teacher is very good at explaining so we can understand! If you have not trained here before, you are missing something!
By: Anonymous

An inspiring and gratifying moment for himself

Very good and inspiring teacher, who calls for love and energy. An opportunity to rush down and reflect on himself and his ego. A kontinerligt work produces results and the body becomes more vital and smooth. Although mood improves and you feel happier and more generous to their surroundings. Improvement Area is to vary the course days a bit, so that they can more easily go Vidre in stages.
By: Anonymous


The best form of exercise I can imagine, you do not need to change something, you can see what the team needs and individual.
By: Anonymous

Superb instructor

A good and inexpensive introduction to yoga.
By: Anonymous

A wonderful experience

Have taken a course at Asana Yoga Center and thought it was absolutely fantastic. Despite the spartan and rather bare rooms succeeds Josef create a wonderful sense of warmth and joy and you are floating homes on small clouds after each pass. Tack! Thank you!
By: Isa

Very good!

Inspiring and talented teachers.
By: Anonymous

Good Yoga

It has been very good. Quiet and relaxed atmosphere with very good instructions. Josef is a very good teacher. And it’s been fun, I have been laughing too, not just practice.
By: Katarina

More yoga!

I have become fitter and stronger and have had fun all the time.See you next semester!
By: Lotta

We appreciate all the praise and the warmth you shared with us.It is wonderful to read about all the positive effects yoga has had on you. Thank you!