Yoga therapy

Yoga is not only a popular form of exercise, it can also be an advanced form of therapy. Therapeutic yoga is about offering yoga as a means for the body to restore balance and highlight the body’s self-healing power.

Yoga Therapy is an individually designed and therapeutic yoga program that helps the body in the process to heal itself and is intended for people who have trouble with for example:

By choosing specific yoga postures and positions (asanas) it is possible to address various problems/imbalances and thereby have positive health effects.

Private yoga

I put together personalized yoga postures, personal guidance and gives tips on simple movements to work on at home.

Yoga with assistance enhances the effects of regular yoga postures (asanas),
you will be able to focus on specific muscle groups and stretch in a relaxed state.

I will in the future be able to offer therapeutic and private yoga through personal training for a personalized rehabilitation.


First visit – 60 min – 700 Kr
Revisit – 60 min – 650 kr


Payment is made on site and you pay cash.
We unfortunately do not accept credit cards.
You will always receive a personal receipt.

Cancellation / Rebooking:

Cancellation / Rebooking must be done by the day before the agreed time.
Cancellation / Rebooking on the day of treatment charged with SEK 300.
Thanks for your understanding!

Mobile:   Josef,  0730-219351